Chitabe Lediba


The luxury camp Chitabe Lediba is set amidst a picturesque landscape near the Moremi Reserve that is formed by countless waterways, wetlands, acacia forests and open savannah. It is the perfect destination for those who enjoy atmospheric photography.


In the east, the reserve is limited by the Gomoti Channel and in the west by the Santantadibe River. It is an enchanted place and the Chitabe Lediba Camp is the perfect match! The spacious luxury tents feature every comfort imaginable: Sleep like read more » a king in the heart of the wilderness.


The ambience is private and exclusive; the Chitabe Camp has limited itself to only five guest units. Please take care not to confuse the Chitabe Lediba Camp with the Chitabe Trails Camp. The two camps are situated not far apart but are run completely independently.


Each of the two safari camps employs its own team of service personnel, managers and guides. The Chitabe Lediba focuses on land-based wildlife safaris. The generally low water levels do not permit activities on the water.


However, the night drives are pure excitement. Hop atop one of the rugged safari vehicles and leave the camp in the fading light of the late afternoon. You return only after nightfall: Many of the Okavango Delta’s species are nocturnal.


With just a little luck you may spot many rare species like the Civet, the Serval, Genet, Pangolin or a Porcupine. The Chitabe Lediba is a luxury hideaway in the heart of the bush. Experience the magic of Botswana!


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The Camp Chitabe Lediba is located on one of the Okavango Delta’s beautiful islands, surrounded by lush vegetation and soaring trees. The camp offers five luxurious tent units designed in a typical east read more » African safari style.


A different concept of camping: The luxury tents offer every comfort imaginable, like an ensuite bathroom with both cold and hot water. A raised boardwalk connects the tents to the main facilities.


Meals are served in the graceful restaurant, which rests on a raised platform. A thatched roof casts welcome shade but does not obstruct the breathtaking view of the endless floodplains – a stunning setting!


Returning from an exciting but dusty day in the bush, cool off in the inviting swimming pool. For a refreshing drink in between or a social glass of wine after dinner, visit the bar or the lounge.


Experience the natural wonders and the fascinating species diversity of Botswana, while indulging yourself a little at the Chitabe Lediba Camp. Later, the sun sinking low to kiss the horizon, replay the day’s new impressions in your mind, of course, with a sundowner at hand.


Immerse yourself in the wildly romantic flair of the Okavango Delta. Admire the abundant wildlife and slip into tune with the rhythm of nature. Africa is captivating – and many have lost their heart to its seductive magic!


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The Okavango Delta’s extensive wetlands, its twisting waterways, shimmering lagoons and countless islands are one of Botswana’s chief attractions. The Okavango River invades the desert with apparent read more » might, but finally concedes defeat, vanishing into the sand.


However, before it does so, it creates a lush habitat for countless species that seek the reliable source of water and ready supply of nutrition.


The Chitabe Lediba runs fascinating game drives to introduce you to these amazing phenomena and the wildlife. The tours are offered as day and night drives in open safari vehicles. Please note that night drives are only permitted on private property and not in the national parks.


Guided safari hikes are altogether a different adventure. At a slower pace, an experience ranger draws the eye to much smaller details and explains faint tracks as you creep up close to the wildlife.


The species you are likely to observe at the Chitabe Lediba Camp in the Okavango Delta include Africa’s famous Big Five: the elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and cheetah.


The Okavango Delta’s endangered African Wild Dogs are another major attraction. With just a little luck on your side, you may spot the rare creatures on one of the night drives. Be patient and keep your eyes peeled. Keep in mind, you are not in a zoo.


Experience the diversity of Botswana on a guided hike, in a safari vehicle or on a scenic flight. The Okavango Delta boasts spectacular safari options and the Chitabe Lediba Camp the complementing comforts – everything for a memorable holiday!


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