Chateau Yering Historic House

Chateau Yering (Yarra)


The luxurious Chateau Yering Historic House dates back to the year 1854 and is most gracefully set amidst a vast and lush private garden on the Yarra River.


The flair is overwhelming. Relish the view of the Yarra Valley and Australia’s most important mountain range, the Great Dividing Range. However, despite the quiet country setting, Melbourne and its international airport are a mere 50 minutes away.


The Chateau offers a total of only 20 individually designed rooms. Delightful colour compositions, read more » precious antiques, original works of art and quality textiles create a stunningly elegant ambience.


The refined sophistication does not end there: The Chateau Yering’s restaurant Eleonores works its culinary magic serving local specialities accompanied by one of the Yarra Valley’s exquisite wines.


Especially the Yarra’s red wines enjoy a brilliant reputation that reaches beyond the boundaries of Australia. The Yarra’s Pinot Noir is particularly noteworthy. The climate is ideal, cool and dry, and the local soil benefits not only the Pinot Noir but also the Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon or the heavy Merlots – all excellent wines!


The cosy Sweetwater Café is the spot for a long, relaxing gourmet breakfast with some exceptionally good coffee. Try the Australian banana cake, the maple cookies or the Koala Chocolate Biscuits.


Of course, you can balance these small sins with a visit to the Chateau Yering’s swimming pool or the tennis court. Another option is to explore the hotel’s spa for a thorough massage applied by caring hands.


Then again, there are the truly unforgettable days: How about riding a hot-air balloon to a wine-cellar champagne breakfast? It is a stunning experience to soar high above the strikingly beautiful Yarra Valley, admiring the vineyards and the extraordinary Chateau Yering Historic House!


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The historic Chateau Yering House is a luxury hotel par excellence. Step inside the lounge, a wondrous place aglow with historic beauty.


Priceless china, crystal chandeliers, polished rosewood, gold-rimmed read more » mirrors and elaborately hand-carved railings … abundant extravagance no matter which way you turn.


The careful observer always discovers a new, charming detail. Choose between the Yering, the Yarra, the Stable or the River Suite. All of the fine units have been elegantly decked out in a Victorian style and boast a separate living room as well as a spacious marble bathroom.


The Yering Suite is a highly luxurious and romantically old-fashioned hideaway. Indulge in the regal flair and sleep like a prince in the huge and antique four-poster bed.


Billowing curtains, thick carpets and crisp linen set the tone. Settle down in front of the merrily crackling fireplace or relax in your suite’s own spa section. Incidentally, the Yering Suite enjoys a private staircase that leads to these luxurious hotel heavens.


Certainly, the Yering Suite sets the standard. However, the other suites feature equal comforts and individual design. No two suites are alike but all have the precious antiques, quality textiles and selected details in common.


Everyday amenities like a TV, hairdryer, mini bar, coffee corner and an internet connection come as a matter of course. For the unlikely case that you should be missing something, the exceedingly helpful room service takes pride in fulfilling even the most difficult wishes.


Last but not least, it has to mentioned that each of the exclusive units includes a private balcony or veranda so that the beautiful ambience indoor may be enhanced by the gracious flair of the Yarra Valley and the lush hotel gardens.


Admittedly, words fail to do the Chateau Yering Historic House proper justice … come and form your own opinion of the charming hotel in the Yarra Valley!


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The Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel is the perfect basis for exploring the enchanting surroundings on easy hikes or bicycle tours. One of the most worthwhile destinations is the Healesville Wildlife read more » Sanctuary.


The charming bushland zoo sports almost every native animal imaginable, among others, wallabies, kangaroos, wombats, koalas, platypus, snakes, lizards and countless rare bird species.


Of course, being lodged in the Yarra Valley, an extensive wine-tasting session ranks high on the must-do list. The Yarra is one of Australia’s most renowned wine growing regions and a happy day can be spent sampling the local produce at the more than 30 wineries. The most notable local wines are the Pinot Noir, the Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and the sparkling wines.


However, the region has a lot more to offer. Countless small art galleries and potteries lie peppered throughout the hills and valleys. Peruse the local arts and crafts scene at your leisure and discover the one or other portable memory to take home with you.


Art expositions, film and food festivals, haute couture or vintage fashion, souvenir shopping or wine tasting, stylish bars and clubs or funky live jazz … Melbourne is a multi-facetted city that keeps the spirits up high!


The Chateau Yering Historic House quiet flair perfectly balances the bustling city. Where the vineyards are framed by rolling hills and age-old trees, the atmosphere is wonderfully tranquil. Admire the breathtakingly beautiful landscape, visit elegant restaurants, lush gardens and spot the wildlife.


The Yarra Valley – a wonderful part of Australia – one to fall in love with! Perfectly complemented by the romantic flair of the Chateau Yering Historic House!


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