Chamilandu Bushcamp


Small and graceful, the Chamilandu Bushcamp, a member of the celebrated Bushcamp Company, is located in the heart of the South Luangwa National Park. Nestling on the banks of the Luangwa River, it is the perfect destination for observing big game and the abundant birdlife.


Please note that the Chamilandu Bushcamp is open only from June to October. Kids twelve years and older are warmly welcome. The flair at the camp is extremely quiet, personal and friendly.


Only three ingeniously designed read more » tree houses accommodate the distinguished guests. With no fences, the wildlife occasionally walks right through the camp. Just lean back and enjoy the sound of silence, interspersed only by the animals’ calls.


Soaring trees cast welcome shade onto the facilities. A cold drink in hand, relax, relishing a warm breeze on your skin and the view of the river. No noise, no hectic everyday life, no traffic … the Chamilandu Bushcamp allows you to unplug magnificently.


In the early morning, after a long night of restful sleep, only the gentle rush of the Luangwa River might wake you from your dreams to take the first look at the Chindeni Mountains in the distance.


The Chamilandu’s main bush building accommodates the lounge, a bar, small library and the large, communal dining table. Throwing fresh wood onto last night’s glowing embers, you may enjoy breakfast next to the rekindling campfire.


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The Chamilandu Bushcamp in the South Luangwa National Park offers only three adventurous tree houses accommodating a maximum of six guests. It is the ideal camp in Zambia for small groups and those looking read more » for a quiet environment and private ambience.


The Chamilandu’s tree houses boast an open architecture that allows you to appreciate the pristine surroundings at any time. Keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife that prowls the vicinity or hides up in the trees.


Every tree house is equipped with a charming ensuite bush shower and bathroom. The private veranda is perfect for putting your feet up, resting your eyes on the Luangwa River. Two of the tree houses have been equipped with queen-sized beds, the last with a king-size bed.


To keep unwelcome visitors off your back at night, every bed is draped in an billowing mosquito net. Energy for lighting and for hot water is provided by solar panels.


The Chamilandu Bushcamp in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, is a romantic wilderness retreat. Having been on one of the exciting hiking safaris, rest your feet in the shade of the soaring trees, regaining your strength for another memorable day in Zambia.


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The Bushcamp Company, the Chamilandu Camp being one of its properties, promotes guided safari hikes in the South Luangwa National Park as its principal activity.


No less than six lagoons behind the read more » camp constantly attract wildlife in search of water. A hiding place just above the lagoons has been set up – a great spot for enjoying lunch, a cup of tea or just to swing in the hammock listening to the elephants taking a bath.


Explore the exotic fauna and flora with a sturdy pair of hiking boots, following in the footsteps of the early adventurers. Take the time to slow down, savouring the fact that you are far, far away from any motorised vehicles or cell phones. Just you and the peaceful nature!


The Chamilandu’s excellently trained guides have amazing knowledge of the South Luangwe National Park’s intricate ecosystem. Learn to read tracks, interpret the wildlife’s warning calls and how to tell medicinal from poisonous plants.


Alternatively, with tired feet, you may also opt for a classic day or night time game drive in a rugged safari vehicle. With a little luck on your side, you might spot African wild dogs, giraffes, elephant or lions to name just a few.


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