Capri Palace Hotel & Spa


Capri Island – the small island in the Gulf of Naples certainly ranks among the most romantic places on our planet. Such is the romantic reputation of Capri that many locals rumour the tradition of the honeymoon was invented there.


And certainly, there must be some truth in the legend. The luxurious Capri Palace Hotel & Spa at least has been the stage for more than one passionate proposal. Of course, the hotel’s refined facilities and spectacular setting help to set the mood.


The Capri read more » Palace Hotel, a member of the renowned association “The Leading Hotels of the World”, is located in one of the most exclusive and pristine parts of the island. Perfect service goes hand in hand with sophisticated facilities.


The Capri Palace’s elevated location affords the distinguished hotel guests with a fantastic view of the Gulf of Naples as well as the neighbouring islands Ischia and Procida. Incidentally, as the name suggests, the hotel boasts all the hallmarks of a palace!


Admire classic columns, archways and elegantly rounded ceilings. Worthy of the most illustrious palaces, the restaurant L’Olvio’s creative cuisine spoils your palate with sensational Mediterranean delicacies.


Claim to fame, the Restaurant L’Olvio is the only restaurant on Capri Island that was awarded a Michelin star. Throughout the day, the gourmet bistro Il Mosaico serves light snacks down by the pool.


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The Capri Palace Hotel welcomes you from April through to November. No matter which of the seventy rooms and suites you choose, you may look forward to a luxury wellness holiday par excellence. Recharge read more » the batteries and savour the private and sophisticated flair.


Most of the seventy refined accommodation units boast a private garden complete with a plunge pool just perfect for an undisturbed splash. It is the most romantic setting especially for couples in love.


Put on some soft music, uncork a select bottle of Italian wine and stretch out beneath Capri’s twinkling night sky with only a few flickering candles competing with the heavenly lights from above.


The tasteful combination of classic and modern elements have created elegant retreats that is a pleasure to return to after a long and exciting day spent in southern Italy. The rooms are adorned by handpicked decorations and art as well accentuated by a bright and light interior design.


Elegant furniture like the free-standing bathtubs as well as the contemporary canopy beds set the Capri Palace Hotel apart. Certainly a highlight, the Megaron Suite offers supreme comforts on lavish one hundred and fifty square metres.


Last but not least, there is the ultra luxurious Penthouse on the rooftop: Saunter down the hanging gardens and cool off with a splash in the private pool. No other part of the hotel enjoys such a magnificent view – allow your eyes and soul to feast on the spectacular panorama. Welcome to Capri! Welcome to the Capri Palace Hotel!


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Capri became highly popular as early as the late 19th century when the island began to attract artists and authors on holiday or in search of inspiration and sunshine in the winter months.


Its fame read more » far exceeding its size, the rocky island measures only a few square kilometres and is especially well known for its caves and grottos on the sea. The most celebrated always has been and still is the Blue Grotto – certainly one of the top attractions on Capri.


It is rumoured that the emperor Tiberius was one of the Blue Grottos great admirers. The rather secluded Caesar chose Capri Island to manage the state affairs in the year 26 AD. He resided in the Villa Jovis that is set most spectacularly on a cliff dropping straight down to the sea.


In total, Tiberius is presumed to have owned no less than twelve villas on Capri. Today, the Villa Jovis is one of the island’s principle attractions and well worth a visit. The Villa Jovis is located in the East and may be reached on an easy one-hour hike from the Piazetta.


Apart from the natural and historic attractions, most visitors arrive in search of sweet relaxation and wellbeing. Visit the Capri Palace Hotel’s first-class spa and experience pure bliss for body, mind and soul.


Of course, you may also kick back and unwind on one of the beautiful beaches or by the hotel’s large swimming pool. Memorable days on Capri at the Capri Palace Hotel – possibly your first visit of many to come!


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