Cape Lodge

Cape Lodge


Nestling romantically amidst the vineyards of the Margarete River wine growing region, the Cape Lodge certainly ranks among Australia’s finest boutique hotels. It is located a mere three hours’ drive south of Perth.


The setting seems to have been copied from a classic Caspar David Friedrich oil painting: The old-fashioned manor house sits above a private lake framed by lush vegetation and immaculately kept gardens.


Make yourself at home and unwind in the private and secluded ambience of read more » the graceful Cape Lodge. Indulge in the refined style and explore the private vineyards and extensive park around the hotel.


Settle down next to the lake and admire the lodge’s clear reflection in the glittering water. The Cape Lodge is truly exceptional and, with ease, won a membership in the exclusive association Small Luxury Hotels of the World.


The gourmet restaurant is located directly next to the lake. The ambience is elegant and graceful: A bright and airy room opens onto a large wooden deck that commands a wonderful view of the lake and becomes the main dining area on a clear day.


The delicacies served are sensational. Try the chocolate panna cotta with fresh strawberries served in an almond basket… just a suggestion to raise your appetite.


Those who have studied the subtle science of exquisite wines will delight over the Cape Lodge’s well stocked wine cellar. No less than fourteen thousand bottled treasures wait to be uncorked.


Not an easy choice to make… you might as well stay for a few days! Moreover, the neighbouring vineyards include a number of famous names, among others Vasse Felix, Moss Wood, Pierro and Cullen.


The Cape Lodge and the Margarete River wine growing region are a little known Australian destination but certainly one that deserves more attention. Stay two or three nights to fully appreciate the charms of this unspoilt region – you will not regret it!


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Just like the Cape Lodge’s main facilities, the twenty two guest units have all been designed in a bright, tasteful and elegant style.


Treat yourself to the refined luxuries and lavish comforts of read more » the Lodge Suite. Two rooms offer plenty of space to unfold. The Lodge Suite is accommodated in the main building and offers magnificent views out over the lake and the picturesque gardens.


Admiring the quiet splendour of the premises below, it is easy to loose yourself in a fantasy of lords and ladies, opulence and glamour. An extra large bed promises sweet dreams to come.


The ample marble bathroom is another highlight. It offers a spa bathtub as well as a separate shower. The Lodge Suite’s second room has been furnished as a cosy lounge, perfect for a relaxing spell with some soft music from the sound system.


The elegant Lodge King Room also boasts a view of the gardens and the lake. Apart from the large bed, a comfortable sitting area invites you to take the time to read a good book or sip a fine wine.


The Garden King Size Rooms feature a private patio with a view of the gardens. A television and DVD player provide entertainment whenever desired.


The Garden Spa Suites speciality is the wonderfully designed, extra large spa bathroom. The fine units are only outdone by the Superior Spa Suites, which offer additional luxuries and a lake or garden view.


The cosy lounge has been equipped with a TV, DVD and CD player. However, of course, the true attraction is the extravagant spa bathroom – a place you are unlikely to want to leave in hurry.


The Forest Suites, as the name suggests, hide amidst the trees but all command a lake view. Those looking for a secluded and private ambience at a little distance to the other facilities are well advised to consider the romantic Cottage!


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The sun tickling your face in the morning, wake up, stretch, and settle down to a slow breakfast with a view of the scenic surroundings. The Cape Lodge is a magical place that encourages you to indulge read more » in sweet idleness and daydreams.


The abundant beauty and natural splendour is pure bliss for body, mind and soul. The Cape Lodge and the Margarete River region are all about a little indulgence and carefree relaxation.


Stroll the rolling vineyards that form part of the Cape Lodge’s premises at your leisure. Alternatively, join the excellent Wine & Gourmet tour for a first introduction to the region’s culinary specialities.


Among other sites, you may visit the local cheese factory or take a peek and a sip at the brewery. Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted by the local chocolate factory.


However, the region offers more than culinary attractions. Explore the caves, lush forests and national parks in the vicinity of the Cape Lodge. Or maybe you would like to visit a few of the local art galleries.


Balance the fine cuisine with plenty of sports and activity. The Cape Lodge’s facilities include a tennis court and the beach is only fifteen minutes away. Go for a refreshing swim, stroll the beach, surf the breakers or simply flop onto your back enjoying the sun.


A few boats are available for charter. Spend a memorable day out at sea, ducking into quiet bays or heading out towards deep water for a spot of fishing.


Moreover, the vibrant underwater world is a natural playground for divers and snorkelers. Guided dives and snorkelling tours are also available. The dive masters are familiar with the best sites and the intricate ecosystem beneath the waves.


In keeping with the quaint style of the stately Cape Lodge, a fine way to set out exploring is on horseback. Canter through the vineyards and climb the hills while Australia’s prolific birdlife provides the soundtrack.


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