Caesar Augustus


The emperor Caesar Augustus was born in Rome as Gaius Octavius and is today considered to have been the first of the Roman emperors in the long and turbulent Roman history.


His achievements for Rome and the Roman Empire finally moved the senate to award Gaius with the honourable title Augustus – the “Great”. All of the following emperors carried the name Caesar Augustus as an essential part of their representative standing.


Lodged at the Hotel Caesar Augustus on the beautiful Capri read more » Island you may look forward to sophisticated lodgings and perfect service that would be quite worthy of a Roman emperor.


Set 300 metres above sea level on the cliffs of Capri Island, the exceptional luxury hotel is proud to have become a member of the celebrated hotel chain Relais & Chateaux in 2006.


Most certainly, the Caesar Augustus can stake its claim to fame to command one of the most spectacular panoramas on Capri. The eye sweeps from the Gulf of Naples, to Mount Vesuvius, the Sorrento coastline, the Capri hinterland and the neighbouring island Ischia.


The view is nothing less than spectacular and almost becomes addictive. Settle down on the large hotel terrace, a cool drink in hand and let your gaze streak from horizon to horizon.


Throughout the day, the ocean glitters in all shades of blue and green. At night, the dark, ink-black water reflects the light from the stars and moon above. It is no surprise that the Terrace & Lounge Bar is such a popular spot.


Order a cocktail mixed to perfection and let the show of the setting sun unfold before you. Afterwards, stroll over to the pool, where the restaurant Lucullo Terrace serves its delightful treats seasoned with a view.


The Caesar Augustus on Capri Island – romantic flair par excellence! In fact, many locals claim that the tradition of the honeymoon was invented on Capri. Look forward to sophisticated luxuries and a stunning natural setting!


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Anacapri is at once one of the most exclusive and pristine regions on Capri Island. It is the perfect destination for all those in search of a quiet hideaway far from the hustle and bustle of everyday read more » life.


The Caesar Augustus Hotel is an excellent choice. Its fifty six rooms and suites are a haven of tranquillity and boast the most sophisticated comforts imaginable.


Of course, a luxury hotel like the Caesar Augustus would be incomplete without a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system. In fact, the furniture and facilities leave absolutely nothing to be desired.


At the Caesar Augustus you enjoy a choice of different accommodation categories, however, all of the rooms, no matter your choice, have a balcony or terrace. Furnished with select antiques, the Deluxe Rooms are most charmingly designed.


The Junior Suites have all been individually equipped and decorated. Request one of the units that feature a private garden – your small paradise and home away from home!


The comforts are lavish and even include a dressing room complete with a walk-in wardrobe. And then, the elegant bathtub with massage jets is certainly another highlight!


Those that would like to boost the level of luxury to the next level may want to consider the Suite Farouk. Fifty years ago, the Egyptian king booked the suite for the duration of an entire year. No more needs to be said!


Designed in a classic Capri style, the Caesar Suite is also easily fit to accommodate royalty. The Vesuvian Suite, as the name suggests, looks out on the volcano as well as the Gulf of Naples. The central piece of furniture at the Tiberius Suite is the large and supremely cosy four-poster bed. Just wonderful!


The opulent luxury at the Caesar Augustus Hotel carries a corresponding price tag. However, in return you may look forward to unrestrained creature comforts and a supremely spectacular setting high above the roofs of Capri.


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The Caesar Augustus‘ spectacular panorama quickly becomes addictive. At some stage you need to tear yourself away from the view and start discovering the island despite the temptation to while away another read more » few hours in sweet idleness back at the hotel.


The facilities, too, entice you to call off the day’s plans to stretch out in the Italian sun by the beautiful swimming pool that comes down several cascades. In fact, the hotel offers plenty of leisure time options.


Those that enjoy gourmet delights at the pots as much as at the table are invited to visit the masters of culinary magic in the cuisine. Wine connoisseurs will certainly want to stop by the Augustus’ well stocked wine cellar.


Having indulged in the delicious treats, the gym allows you to balance the fine food with a training session, possibly followed by a visit to the Turkish Bath. And then, there are the many options the ocean offer:


Point the bow of a sleek sailing yacht toward the distant horizon or drop a line below the waves hoping to hook some dinner. The world beneath the waves may also be explored on a scuba dive. Or skip across the waves on a pair of water skies or a sea kayak.


Back on land, you may pick up a racket for a match on the tennis court. Private lessons are available on request. Monte Solaro is located a mere twelve minutes drive away and a cable car takes you to the top.


Another glowing recommendation goes to the picturesque centre of Anacapris and the Villa di Damecuta. Look forward to stunning panoramas! Last but not least, there is the famous Blue Grotto that features on the must-see list of every first-time Capri visitor!


Having tired yourself out after a long day filled with activities and sports, return to the Caesar Augustus tired but happy. The excellent spa welcomes you with a host of relaxing treatments and tension-relieving massages. Or just settle down in the library with a glass of fine wine!


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