Bvlgari Resort


Bali certainly ranks among the world’s most exclusive holiday destinations – boasting tropical vegetation, perfect sand beaches and a fascinating cultural diversity. And it is here that the Bvlgari Hotel & Resort rises high above the landscape like a modern day luxury castle.


Commanding a breathtaking ocean view, the first-class Bvlgari Hotel unites cutting edge design with traditional Balinese grace - all infused with just a hint of classic Italian style.


An intriguing mix? Certainly! read more » But more importantly, it is a highly successful and supremely elegant concept. Dark timber is set against bright stone with plenty of tall glass elements and open spaces.


The hotel would not live up to its prestigious name if the elegant architecture were not coupled with exclusive comforts and first-class service standards… not to mention the panoramic Indian Ocean views.


And then, there are the unique treats: Whenever you would like to take a stroll along the pristine beach, the Bvlgari Hotel’s private cable car can give you a scenic ride down to the sand.


On a different day, you may want to explore the Bvlgari Spa’s legendary services. The spa’s therapies combine the best of age-old Asian and modern-day European health care philosophies. Every treatment incorporates elements like massages and skin care.


The highly professional therapists take pride in their work and their skilled and caring hands work true wonders. Close your eyes and enjoy, savouring the elegant ambience and listening to the distant whisper of the waves.


And later, in the evening, visit the Il Bar for a bottle of select wine or an exotic cocktail. The Il Bar is also the perfect location to watch the setting sun striking the horizon on fire.


Once again, you cannot help but admire the design: The bar counter is made of polished synthetic resin and describes an elegant curve, meeting the massive natural stone wall that allows the bar to blend perfectly with its rugged cliff setting.


Paying its tribute to Italian culinary art, the Il Restaurant is run by the inspired Maurizio Bombini, whose passion it is to recreate Italian classics with new compositions.


Original Italian ingredients are fused with organic, local produce to create sensational delights, which are then coupled with a select wine from the well-stocked cellars. Relish the elegant ambience and treat your palate to something special!


Of course, on a different night, you will have to explore the traditional Indonesian cuisine. The Sangkar Restaurant does not only boast a spectacular setting on the edge of the cliff but also excels at perfecting the delightful local dishes seasoned with exotic herbs and spices. « show less


The Bvlgari Hotel offers its distinguished guests 59 villas – all commanding a magnificent ocean view! The delightfully different design incorporates traditional Balinese elements infused with a hint read more » of Italian chic.


The walls are fashioned from natural volcanic rock and Palimanan bricks, creating a rich, colourful contrast. Only the most precious materials have been chosen for the construction. Doors and window frames are made from Mahogany.


The setting, the elegant style, precious materials and ample facilities all combine to create a marvellous ambience. Look forward to the Bvlgari Hotel and its highly exclusive villas!


Clinging to the cliffs and commanding a striking panorama, the Ocean Cliff Villas are available with one or two bedrooms. In addition to the view, the One Bedroom Villa offers a large bedroom furnished with a comfortable bed and generously spacious bathroom.


At the end of long and relaxing day, why not draw yourself a foam-topped bath with a bottle of iced champagne on the side? The perfect finishing touch to a perfect day! Of course, you may also refresh yourself with a quick shower in the separate cabin.


The high-quality facilities leave nothing to be desired. Certainly the most notable feature is the open-air pool. Step outside, relish the warm air, the jaw-dropping panorama and take a refreshing dive into your private pool!


The Two Bedroom Ocean Cliff Villa offers an identical view but more space and two bedrooms, making them the ideal choice for family or friends. A large, shared living room provides plenty of space to spend unforgettable moments together.


Share a few drinks, soft music playing from the cutting edge audio system, or step outside to listen to the sound of the surf. Cool off with a dip in your private pool or just admire the blossoming garden.


The twelve Premier Ocean View Villas have been gracefully designed in the traditional Balinese architecture. And then, of course, the setting atop Bali’s cliffs coupled with fantastic ocean views greatly add to the flair!


The interior has been adorned with a selection of antique pieces of art. Take it slow in the morning and wait for the sun to light up your large and comfortable bedroom.


Put your feet to the cool, polished timber flooring and draw yourself a foam-topped bath in the elegant tub positioned at the centre of the finely appointed bathroom. Of course, you may also decide to take a quick wash in the separate shower cabin.


Step outside to discover the Premier Ocean View Villas’ charming open-air facilities: The private pool lies framed by blossoming, tropical gardens. And later, make yourself comfortable in the pavilion and savour the warmth and the sunshine!


Like most of the Bvlgari Hotel’s room and villas, the Premier Ocean View Villa is also available as a two-bedroom unit with a shared living room, large pool, outdoor shower and garden villa.


The Ocean View Villa offers a highly exclusive bedroom with a stunning ocean view. Furnished with a thatched roof casting welcome shade and set amidst fragrant gardens, the Ocean View Villas are your perfect choice for a relaxing spell.


Rest your eyes on the horizon and enjoy the natural soundtrack provided by the tropical wildlife. Moreover, a special effort has been made in designing the bathrooms with select quality materials.


Last but not least, there is the extraordinary and generously large Bvlgari Villa, accessible via a private entrance. Step into the elegant living room, help yourself to a drink from the mini bar and make yourself comfortable on one of the cosy sofas.


Everything is in place to ensure your absolute comfort. On your request, the Bvlgari’s master chefs prepare a tailored dinner that is served in your villa’s dining room. Then again, maybe you prefer to wield the cooking spoon yourself in the Bvlgari Villa’s fully equipped kitchen.


Certainly something special, the villa even features its private movie theatre. However, on a sunny day you will surely prefer to take a splash in the twenty metres long pool. The terrace by the pool is the perfect spot to dry off and to enjoy Bali’s tropical sun.


Several comfortable sun-loungers are at your disposition. Of course, you may always duck into the shade of the pavilion when the sun gets to strong. And as a special perk, the villa includes its private spa, where all of the resort’s sophisticated treatments may be applied.


The stars twinkling, choose one of the villa’s luxurious bedrooms and snuggle up under the comfortable bed’s crisp sheets. The Bvlgari Villa is your perfect choice for a supremely luxurious home away from home!


However, it also has to be said that no matter your choice of accommodation category, lodged at the Bvlgari Resort you will experience top of the range comforts, refined luxuries and avant-garde design … all that set amidst Bali’s lush, tropical beauty! « show less


Time flies when you are having a great time – surely this will be your mayor worry at the highly luxurious Bvlgari Resort. Why not start with a treatment at the celebrated spa that revitalises body, read more » mind and soul?


The Bvlgari Spa’s professional therapies are applied by highly skilled therapist with the help of natural health and beauty products. The precious essential oils and plant extracts may be tailored to your specific necessities. Take a break and indulge in a moment of sweet bliss!


Those that would like to keep in shape may also visit the Bvlgari’s state-of-the-art gym equipped with both strength building and cardio machines. The professional trainers can assist you and help you design a personalised training plan.


And on a different day, you may just want to visit the superb Bvlgari Boutique store that offers a vast selection of jewellery, design handbags and perfumes for both sexes.


The resort’s Arts & Crafts Store on the other hand, is dedicated to the local products. The presentation of the ingenious and masterful pieces of art rivals that of a world-class museum. However, you are quite welcome to touch the objects on presentation.


Discover elaborate ceramics, stone sculptures or carefully crafted furniture made from hard and durable local timber. Run your hand across the hand-woven fabrics and try on the traditional Balinese jewellery. Be inspired! « show less