Busanga Bush Camp


The Busanga Bush Camp is set idyllically on a small hill crowned by trees on the Busanga Plains in the north-western sector of the Kafue National Park. Because of the remote location, only four-wheel drives reach the Busanga Bush Camp in roughly three hours.


The Busanga Plains are the most important wetlands in Zambia. Having been flooded in the preceding months, the plains dry out from June to November. The lush vegetation and remaining lagoons and waterways attract countless wild animals in read more » this season.


The Busanga Lodge consists of four rustic but comfortable, thatched-roof cottages, a generous dining tent and a cosy bar. The sun setting behind the wilderness all around you, enjoy a sundowner and make plans for the next days.


Those looking for a remote setting and intact nature from one distant horizon to the other have made a wise choice with the Busanga Bush Camp. The nearest settlement worthy the term is Zambia’s capital Lusaka, which is one flight hour away.


The journey into the deep of the Zambian bush is an adventure all by itself – an intense experience. The Busanga Camp’s focus is on nature. It offers those comforts and activities that harmonise with the pristine environment and a strict sustainability policy.


What most guests do not know: The Busanga Bush Camp is dismantled after each season. It is the management’s firm belief that no construction should permanently invade the unique ecosystem of the Kafue National Park.


Make your dream of experiencing the wild and original Africa come true and explore the wonders of the Zambian nature. The Busanga Bush Camp is the accommodation for those appreciating pristine nature and environmentally responsible adventures.


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The gracious Busanga Bush Camp features four old-fashioned tent-cottages equipped with single beds and accommodating a total maximum of eight guests. The cottages sport a traditional thatched roof and read more » each unit has an en-suite bathroom.


The bathrooms feature every necessary comfort, like a hot and cold bush shower, a toilet and a washbowl. Of course, the single beds can be arranged as a double bed on your request. Moreover, if you travel in a group, four more tents can be put at your disposition.


Wonderful! Each of the tent-cottages commands a stunning view out over the Busanga Flood Plains. The most readily observed species include herds of pukus and lechwes.


The Busanga’s cuisine focuses on African specialities, which are served in the cosy dining tent that also accommodates the bar and the lounge. On a fine day, however, dinners may also be served open-air.


Enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner for two beneath the twinkling splendour of the African night sky. A comfortable reading area is just the place to kick back and relax for a while. It also commands the same striking view of the vast Busanga Plain.


Retreat to the simple and carefree life at the Busanga Bush Camp. Leave the stress and tension of the everyday life far behind. Toss mobile phone, internet and newspaper aside and regain your balance amidst the beauty of the Zambian nature.


Simply fantastic – set in the heart of the Kafue National Park - the Busanga Bush Camp in Zambia!


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Almost the entire area of Zambia is formed by a vast plateau with an average altitude of 1000 metres above sea level. Set at the heart of Africa, Zambia is a country of woods, rivers, big lakes, savannah, read more » baobab trees, red earth and countless wildlife species that roam the huge national parks. Amidst this natural paradise, the Busanga Bush Camp offers wildly romantic accommodation.


First on the list of activities are the traditional all-terrain vehicle game drives through the infinite savannah. Set off early and possibly spot large predators like lions or sleek cheetahs. Especially during the wet season, the variety of bird species is overwhelming.


The lagoons and rivers are a natural paradise for numerous crocodiles and hippos. Return from an exciting tour to refresh yourself back at the Busanga Bush Camp. Enjoy an ice-cold drink or take a splash in the pool. From the edge of the pool, you can watch antelopes and elephants passing by.


The spectacular night drives are another fascinating insight into Zambia’s wildlife. The jeep’s spotlight illuminates eyes staring back at you and picks up the nocturnal inhabitants of the savannah – maybe even hunting lions!


Those who would like to get intimate with Mother Nature may ask one of the rangers to take them on an exciting safari hike through the bush. It is the most intense way of experiencing the savannah and many small details come into focus.


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