Burj Al Arab


Words fail to do the Burj Al Arab justice: The extravagant luxury hotel is doubtlessly in a class of its own, a symbol for unrivalled comforts and unattainable magnificence. It is a Dubai landmark. It is an international legend.


Translated into English, Burj Al Arab means simply Arabian Tower. In this case the tower is a masterpiece of sophisticated finesse, lavishness, elegance and Arabian hospitality. It is not without reason that the Burj Al Arab Dubai is the world’s only seven star hotel.


Playing read more » for records, the Burj Al Arab is also the world’s tallest hotel: Resting on an artificial island and soaring 320 metres high, the graceful structure resembling a dhow sail rises majestically above both the ocean and the land.


The Burj Al Arab is not only an architectural but also a technical work of art. Foundation pillars are securely fixed to the ocean floor at a depth of 40 metres. A 280 metres long curving bridge reaches across to the mainland.


Those who visit the Burj Al Arab for the first time cannot help but suck in a hasty gasp of breath: The opulent splendour is without comparison.


Two coral reefs flank the entrance. Behind the glass walls, the colourful underwater life of the Arabian Golf welcomes the visitor. A few more steps and one walks into the soaring Atrium - another world record at 180 metres height.


Moreover, the Atrium boasts a 42 metres high water jet that shoots upwards every half an hour, framed by elegant, gold-plated pillars. It is an arresting sight that never ceases to draw the eyes upwards.


The Burj Al Arab in Dubai … despite the revolutionary developments in high-end luxury tourism, the Burj Al Arab remains a beacon of extravagance – one of a kind!


Incidentally, transfers are quick and easy, the airport is only 25 minutes away. And, of course, you may also request to be picked up with the hotel’s Rolls Royce or the by the exclusive helicopter service!


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All of the Burj Al Arab Dubai’s 202 suites offer supreme comforts and luxuries. The distinguished guests may choose between a variety of accommodation categories that differ in size, design and facilities.


The read more » Burj’s two Royal Suites are staggering 780 square metres large, the two Presidential Suites generous 667 square metres.


Moreover, six three-bedroom suites offer plenty of space to spread out on approximately 670 square metres.


Next in line, 28 two-bedroom suites feature every comfort imaginable on 335 square metres. The four Club Suites are 330 square metres large.


Beyond the standards of any other hotel, the Burj Al Arab’s basic units are the 142 Deluxe Suites, each 169 square metres large.


The Burj Al Arab’s concept is easily explained: Personalised service and sophisticated extravagance.


Again, the Burj sets new standards: On the guest’s request, a personal butler, who diligently takes care of every whim and wish, is available around the clock.


Of course, every unit also boasts a breathtaking view out over the shimmering Arabian Gulf and the coastline. Every guest unit is equipped with panorama windows that reach from floor to ceiling.


The facilities leave absolutely nothing to be desired. State-of-the-art technology has been implemented in every suite. High-speed internet and a notebook are provided and the suite’s lights are remote controlled.


When there comes a rapping and a tapping at your chamber’s door, a camera and screen allow you to take a peep at the visitor.


Settle in, settle down and relish the luxurious ambience of your suite. Indulge in the Arabian splendour and the one or other fantasy of princes and princesses in an Oriental palace.


Finest textiles and quality materials, select furniture and lavish decorations create a supremely elegant flair.


Discover the charms of Arabia and Dubai – there is not better place to start than the Burj Al Arab!


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The Burj Al Arab Dubai’s activity programme is dedicated to the theme “Relaxation and Indulgence with All Five Senses“ – needless to say that the related facilities and services set new standards.


The read more » Burj’s spa, the Assawan Spa & Health Club, borrows its name from a special stone that is said to have healing properties. Located on the 18th floor, the Assawan Spa offers not only sophisticated facilities and treatments but also a stunning view.


Do a few easy laps in the pool or slip into the whirlpool’s welcoming waters. Surrender yourself to caring hands in the massage rooms or at the beauty salon. Alternatively, work up a sweat at the Aerobic Centre.


Incidentally, in keeping with Arabic traditions and laws, the Burj Al Arab offers separate facilities for men and women. And let it be said once more that you will be in highly trained, experienced and professional hands.


Moreover, a visit to the spa is like travelling back in time. The design is reminiscent of historic Oriental splendour. The Burj Al Arab’s Assawan Spa & Health Club is the perfect place to regain your balance in all style.


Equally sophisticated pleasures await your palate: No less than six gourmet restaurants treat the guests to elaborate delicacies. The Al Munthaha Restaurant is located at the top of the building. 200 metres above the ground, it boasts a magnificent view!


The Al Mahara specialises on delightful seafood and the Al Iwan is legendary for its authentic Arabian hospitality. Al fresco dining and an ocean view: the Bab Al Yam offers a quiet setting. And the Juna Lounge is the perfect spot for admiring a stirring sunset, refreshing drink in hand.


No Arabian hotel would be complete without a place dedicated to sipping tea. The Burj Al Arab’s Sahn Eddar or the Atrium Lounge serve not only finest tea specialities but also first-rate coffee.


Having indulged in finest delicacies, visit the partner hotel Jumeirah Beach, where you enjoy access to the diverse water sports programme.


Those who prefer the sweeping greens of a golf course to the thrills on the water may visit one of several courses in the vicinity. It is a pleasure for the concierge service to arrange transportation.


And last but not least: The Burj Al Arab’s guests enjoy a private stretch of soft sand and welcoming water at Jumeirah Beach!


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