Breezes Beach Club & Spa


“Karibu!“ means Welcome! – Very likely the first word you will hear at the unique and idyllic Breezes Beach Club & Spa on Zanzibar. Situated on the island’s scenic south-east coast, the luxury resort is located directly on an endless sand beach framed by gently nodding palm trees.


The Breezes Beach Club complex is composed of a main building and a number of low-rise outhouses. Built in 1992, the elegant and graceful facilities are set in a generous tropical garden landscape.


Indulge read more » in the tranquillity and old-fashioned beauty of the cottages designed in a Swahili style or treat yourself to the delicacies served at one of the many gourmet restaurants. The Breezes’ star is a first-class seafood restaurant.


Several bars, boutique shops, a discotheque and a swimming pool complete the facilities. Kick back and relax! The Breezes’ spa offers a large range of sophisticated wellness and beauty treatments.


It is a match made in heaven: Fall in love with Zanzibar and the beautiful Breezes Beach Club & Spa, which ranks among the top five hotels on Zanzibar. The Breezes is situated at only one hour’s distance from the airport. The nearby, typical Zanziban village Bwejuu is just a short walk away.


Another of the island’s great attractions lies beneath the waves: Discover the vibrant underwater life of the coral reefs. The Breezes Beach Club on Zanzibar – the experience is made perfect by the team’s supremely attentive and friendly service!


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The Breezes Beach Club & Spa’s superb location alone places the luxury hotel among the finest accommodation options on Zanzibar. Situated at a generous distance to other hotels, relish the peace and read more » quite and the solitude on the perfectly white sand beach. Just the right place to kick back and relax!


Designed in the traditional Swahili style, the elegant Breezes is built with quality local timber. The two-storey bungalows are all set amidst the lush garden’s tropical beauty. Especially the suites on the second storey command a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean.


The Standard and the Deluxe Rooms are located on the ground floor, a private terrace granting direct access to the hotel gardens. The rooms are spacious and luxuriously furnished, featuring air-conditioning, a fridge, safe and a fold-out sofa.


The décor and furniture lend the units an elegant and unique flair: Many pieces of furniture were handpicked and bought at antique markets, small local shops or private antique sales. Others were skilfully manufactured by one of the island’s 50 small cabinetmakers.


Reminiscent of the old days, valuable silk and exotic textiles grace the ambience, all produced by local tailors. Indulge in the sweet flair of the Breezes Beach Club and the fascinating Zanziban culture. Be inspired by the locals’ easy lifestyle and spend a memorable holiday in paradise.


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Zanzibar’s flair is something unique! For example, explore the world-famous Stone Town, proclaimed a World Heritage Site in the year 2000. The fascinating National Museum relates Zanzibar’s turbulent read more » history and the heritage of the aboriginal inhabitants.


Zanzibar is furthermore famous for its spice plantations and the exotic, tropical fruit that are grown on the island. Touring the plantations is a discovery tour that involves all five senses! You may also join a guided tour to the nearby village Bwejuu. The small charge directly benefits local conservation efforts.


Those interested in water sports have countless options to spend their days on Zanzibar. Discover the underwater world on a snorkelling tour or race across the waves windsurfing. Another option is to enjoy a breathtaking view of Zanzibar by taking a canoe out onto the ocean.


Of course, you may also decide to just relax in the lounge chairs by the pool or to enjoy the sun, working on your tan. Maybe, afterwards, a beach volleyball match or a session at the Health and Aerobic Centre appeals to you.


The Spiritual Sanctuary facilities, the first of the kind on Zanzibar Island, offer a range of meditative activities like yoga lessons.


The Frangipani Spa, designed in a sophisticated Swahili style, is a temple of relaxation. Soft candlelight and a melange of aromatic fragrances create a peaceful ambience in the cosy treatment rooms.


Experience the sensational effects of a Thai or a Balinese massage, not to mention the rejuvenating facial treatments or the “Aprés Safari Treatment”. The Breezes Beach Club & Spa offers all the facilities to spend a holiday just like you imagine it.


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