Bilimungwe Bushcamp


Small, personal and wildly romantic, the Bilimungwe belongs to the celebrated Bushcamp Company and is set in the heart of the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. Translated from the local dialect, Bilimungwe means chameleon.


Located on the banks of the Luangwa River, the Bilimungwe nestles in the shade of soaring Mahogany trees. It is open from mid May to mid December and welcomes kids twelve years and older.


At the centre of the camp is the traditionally designed lounge that commands a stunning read more » view of a waterhole from the shade of a soaring Winterthorn tree. Lean back with a refreshing drink in hand and observe the warthogs, elephants and other wildlife that visit the waterhole.


With bad weather hardly ever being an issue, indulge in the open-air cuisine’s delicacies in the dining area set beneath the twinkling night sky. The setting is just perfect for a barbecue amidst the African wilderness.


Of course, the principal activity at the Bilimungwe Bushcamp is wildlife observation. Many excellent sighting spots are located within eyeshot: Animals occasionally hide amidst the Mahogany trees surrounding the camp, graze on the plains or visit the Luangwa River.


Moreover, the Bilimungwe Bushcamp also offers exciting guided hikes. An experienced ranger by your side, explore the wildly beautiful surroundings with your hiking boots firmly tied up. Welcome to this nature paradise in Zambia!


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The Bilimungwe Bushcamp in the South Luangwa National Park offers only four thatched-roof chalets accommodating a maximum of eight guests at any one time.


Each of the refined units offers a private read more » shower bathroom with double washbasins as well as queen-sized bed with a gently billowing mosquito net to protect you from unwelcome visitors in the night.


The Bilimungwe Bushcamp has been designed in a graceful rustic style that allows it to blend in wonderfully with its wild surroundings. The dark bark of the trees is reflected in the wooden furniture.


The warm colour scheme is based on ochre hues and creates a cosy ambience. The Bilimungwe’s ecological philosophy resulted in the implementation of solar energy for both illumination and hot water.


No matter which corner you turn, the view of the pristine environment is always present. Settle down in the dining area or at the bar and let your eyes rest on the waterhole that frequently attracts wildlife.


The Bilimungwe is a place to feel completely at ease at. Breathe the clean, musky air and permit yourself a short siesta after one of the exciting safari hikes. Indulge in the deliciously exotic cuisine and sip a fine wine while making plans for the next adventurous day in Zambia.


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The Bushcamp Company, the Bilimungwe Camp being one of its properties, promotes guided safari hikes in the South Luangwa National Park as its principal activity.


Explore the exotic fauna and flora read more » with a sturdy pair of hiking boots, following in the footsteps of the early adventurers. Take the time to slow down, savouring the fact that you are far, far away from any motorised vehicle or cell phone. Just you and the peaceful nature!


The Bilimungwe’s excellently trained guides have amazing knowledge of the South Luangwe National Park’s intricate ecosystem. Learn to read tracks, interpret the wildlife’s warning calls and how to tell medicinal from poisonous plants.


Alternatively, with tired feet, you may also opt for a classic day or night-time game drive in a rugged safari vehicle. With a little luck on your side, you might spot African wild dogs, giraffes, elephant or lions to name just a few.


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