Beach House at Manufaru

The Beach House


The Maldives Islands … the ring of the name carries impressions of romantic, secluded islands, stunning beaches and tranquil holidays. Furthermore, the islands are well known for their spectacular underwater world, a diver’s paradise. A shining example of this tropical idyll is Manafaru Island in the Haa Alifu Atoll.


The elegant Beach House at Manufaru nestles at a picturesque lagoon sparkling in every shade of blue imaginable. A short speedboat ride from Male Airport to Manufaru drops you read more » off at the island retreat characterised by its trendy design and luxurious ambience.


Welcome to the Beach House at Manufaru and welcome to unforgettable holidays at one of the blue planet’s most arresting destinations! The pristine setting will leave your eyes glazed with wonder while no less than three gourmet restaurants focus on providing tongue-tantalising cuisine.


The Beach House’s cuisine is as fresh as it is creative. The fine delicacies are best accompanied by a select bottle from the wine cellar and, of course, the spectacular view of the Indian Ocean’s expanse. How good does it get? The Four Corners magicians conjure up a variety of international delicacies while the Saffron focuses on Asian fusion cuisine.


The Medium Rare’s open cuisine allows you to admire the art involved in preparing the sizzling treats while tantalising smells waft trough the air. Of course, a sumptuous meal is best followed by drink. Three bars welcome thirsty guests. The setting is perfect for enjoying a refreshing drink, chatting with the other guests.


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First-class service and your privacy enjoy top priority at the Beach House at Manufaru. Just an example: Each of the 68 fine accommodation units features a private pool as well as a butler service to take read more » care of your every needs and wishes.


The villas and suites are characterised by their typical Maldivian architecture and their beautiful thatched roofs. The interior is less traditional: High-speed internet, LCD television and a hook-up for your I-pod – no expense has been spared in equipping the unit’s with state-of-the-art technology.


Tall doors open onto your private deck. Incidentally, all meals may be served here. Doubtlessly a highlight, the gracious open-air bathrooms promise supreme bathing delights. However, you may always decide to swap the bathroom’s fine amenities for the beach cabana. There is no better place to relax.


The villas and suites built out over the water feature an exciting extra: Set into the floor, glass elements permit a view of the underwater world beneath you floorboards. It is tough but sweet work choosing your accommodation category.


The Beach Villa is set amidst the lush, tropical vegetation. The Beach Suite additionally features a stunning Jacuzzi bathtub. Built out over the water, the Water Villas are a stunning site and offer extraordinary accommodation.


The icing on the cake, the Grand Water Pavilion and the Grand Beach Pavilion are the finest units the Beach House offers, the ultimate luxury. However, no matter which category you ultimately favour, plenty of natural light and a salty sea breeze create an airy ambience, a sweet haven for relaxing body and soul.


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The principle activity at the Beach House at Manafaru might be supreme relaxation … and yet, a multitude of optional activities is at the guest’s service. Indulge in the large variety and try new sports read more » or simply kick back and doze on the beach.


The Beach House caters for every taste. Those who want to work up a sweat and practice sports will find conditions just as perfect as they are for those who prefer to laze in the shade. It goes without saying that the Beach House, just like any other classic Maldivian destination, offers superb diving.


Those who prefer to stay on top of things but nevertheless appreciate a profound insight may try snorkelling. Of course, the blue lagoon features perfect conditions for swimming – it is a wonderful feeling to glide quietly past the island.


Alternatively, go for a quick dip or an energetic swim in the hotel’s beautifully designed swimming pool. A sure hand and possibly a refreshing beer are almost all the prerequisites you need for a game of pool billiard.


Challenge your friends or your partner with a game of or tennis or gather a small team and play a game of beach volleyball. Those who like to stay in shape may want to explore the fitness centre’s many options to train almost every muscle in the human body.


Naturally, the lagoon is perfect for a range of water sports apart from diving, snorkelling or swimming. Go windsurfing, skimming the waves or set sails and explore the islandscape with a boat. If you prefer a more tranquil activity, paddle the lagoon with a canoe or paddleboat.


How about a romantic excursion to a deserted island? Just you, your partner, the ocean and the island. Upon your return to Manufaru, stop by the Beach House’s first-class Spa for a reintroduction to sophistication. A large number of selected treatments is available.


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