Banyan Tree Seychelles


Situated on the Seychelles’ capital island Mahé, the Banyan Tree is deservedly classified as an ultimate top-class hotel. The icing on the cake: it is located directly on Anse Intendance, certainly one of the world’s most staggeringly beautiful beaches.


The Banyan Tree Seychelles holds its ground against the striking backdrop of a gorgeous beach fringed by palm trees, lush rainforest and crystal clear water by featuring equally striking state-of-the-art luxury.


A total of 60 pool villas, read more » situated either on the beach or directly above it, include exceptional amenities like a private sundeck and pool. The finely-appointed villas offer exclusive comforts and undisturbed privacy.


A day in paradise culminates in one of the Banyan Tree’s first-class restaurants. Some of the extravagant eateries have specialised on seafood and the traditional local curry. The Banyan’s main restaurant, however, serves a vast variety of international tongue-tantalising delicacies.


Be sure to stroll down to the beach for the sizzling aroma of a beach barbecue. It is a pleasure for the dedicated Banyan team to organise these events for you and, rest assured, every steak is cooked to heavenly perfection.


For both a magnificent view and professional treatments, you need only climb to the celebrated Banyan Spa which has repeatedly won highly regarded awards. Allow yourself to be spoiled by caring hands and the serene atmosphere on the cliffs above the Indian Ocean.


The Banyan Tree – easily one of the Seychelles’ best hotels and even ranking among the world’s finest. The spectacular location, the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean breaking against the gorgeous beach and the Banyan’s exclusive atmosphere … it is all sure to enchant you and keep you coming back for more!


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The Banyan Tree’s luxurious villas are the hotel’s true attraction. Words can hardly do them justice. “Spectacular”, “extravagant” and “matchless” are but feeble attempts. The location read more » alone on, what many would consider the Seychelles’ finest beach, is worth it all.


Crystal clear ocean water, glittering in every hue of blue imaginable and the constant surf breaking against the spick and span beach – it all amounts to a highly natural but nevertheless emotionally arresting spectacle.


The Banyan Tree Resort faces up to the stunning natural beauty with its selection of enchanting villas. Which is the right one for you? It all depends on your preferences concerning location. Would you like to live directly on the beach (Beach Front Spa Pool Villa or Intendance Pool Villa) or rather indulge in an unsurpassed panoramic view? Well, they all are breathtakingly beautiful…



Beachfront Spa Pool Villa


The one bedroom villa is exceedingly spacious and luxuriously furnished. Take a dip in your beautifully set private pool or be pampered from head to toe by a full body massage in your private Spa Pavilion.


At night, a glass of good wine in hand, the veranda is the perfect spot to relax while the setting sun sets the land on fire, the gentle surf providing the appropriate soundtrack.


The long list of exclusive amenities of the Beachfront Spa Pool Villa also includes a private steam bath. To cool down again, the gentle waves of the celebrated Anse Intendance are the perfect solution. The villa has direct access to the beach.


No end in sight for bathing delight. Recline in your private open-air whirlpool and accompany the wonderful experience with a glass of champagne.


The interior of the Beachfront Spa Pool Villa has been lovingly designed and features select pieces by the local artist George Camille who took inspiration from the Coco-de-Mer, the world’s largest nut, and created some astonishing work underpinning the villa’s romantically exotic ambience.



Intendance Pool Villa


The immense terraces of the three Intendance Pool Villas command a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean, the Intendance Bay and the lush, tropical rainforest of the mountains surrounding the Banyan Tree. They are not only set atop a great vantage point but also feature a private swimming pool and whirlpool.


A series of paths and steps connect your villa to a lounge pavilion, the pool, a separate sundeck and the whirlpool. Having been constructed amidst huge granite blocks on different levels, the luxurious elements harmoniously unite to form your exclusive lodgings.


The breathtaking panoramic views are the hallmarks of the lordly Intendance Pool Villa. The intriguing architecture reflects the exotic charm and elegance of the colonial era. Spa enthusiasts’ will be pleased to note that one Intendance Pool Villa features an additional massage pavilion set high atop the cliffs.


The exclusive Intendance Pool Villa service includes:


* A complimentary bottle of champagne upon arrival


* Private Moments villa decoration (minimum of three nights stay)


* Complimentary snacks in the afternoon.



Pool Villa By-the-Rocks


Set only five metres above the sea level, the Pool Villa By-the-Rocks offers a beautifully set whirlpool framed by natural sea stones. Listen to the foam-crested waves crashing over the gleaming granite boulders while soaking in your whirlpool.


However, despite the attractive boulders around the Villa, the sand beach is only a few steps away. Of course, you may decide to rather swim in your private pool or recline underneath your finely-appointed pavilion.


The Pool Villa By-the-Rocks is an architectural masterpiece! It is remarkable how skilfully the luxurious Pool Villa has been integrated into the striking backdrop of rough rocks and nodding palm trees.



Hillside Pool Villa


The Hillside Pool Villa, as the same suggests, is perched on an elevated vantage point amidst the tropical rainforest. It commands a fantastic vista of the Indian Ocean’s sparkling waters far below.


The Hillside Pool Villa’s amenities are head to head with the other luxurious villa’s features. A welcome refreshment on hot days: the private pool shares the spectacular view and includes a veranda outfitted with comfortable sunloungers.


A pavilion invites your to let your spirits soar and your mind wander. Breathe the salty air, let your eyes rest on the panorama and savour the tranquillity and privacy of the hillside and the protective shelter of the lofty trees.



Presidential Villa


The Banyan Tree’s Presidential Villa – the ultimate solution for those who seek high-end exclusivity and luxury. The villa features two gorgeous pavilions, one directly at the poolside, the other for enhanced living comforts complete with a small kitchen and a guest bathroom.


An oversized sundeck frames the large swimming pool. Only a line of picturesque granite blocks separate the pool from the beach Anse Intendance.


Groups may consider booking the Presidential Villa in connection with the Hillside Pool Villa to have two spacious sleeping quarters for their convenience.


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The Banyan Tree Seychelles’ first and foremost attractions are, of course, the incredibly beautiful Anse Intendance and the superb opportunities for sunbathing and swimming it offers. What an experience read more » to play in the turquoise waves and what a chance to become the child you once were.


The Banyan Spa’s celebrated reputation has to be emphasised: It deservedly won a number of international prizes, among them the renowned title ‘World’s best Spa Resort’ (Condé Nast Traveller, 1998).


The Spa’s setting, amongst the rocks high above the Anse Intendance, adds a special flair to the sophisticated treatments. Incidentally, products applied during the professional treatments are almost entirely produced from natural and local ingredients.


Tried and tested, traditional Asian lore form the basis for the various treatments applied in the inspiring spa pavilions which radiate an air of colonial flair blended with exotic romance. The intriguing architecture has been influence by local design and, as a result, harmoniously blends with the pristine natural surroundings.


The therapy program is comprehensive, ranging from a classic massage to personalised medical therapies and beauty treatments.


Should you wish to coordinate individual therapeutic treatments prior to your arrival, the Banyan Tree Spa would be delighted to work out a tailor-made program and integrate it into your memorable holiday experience.


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