Banyan Tree Lang Co


A charming spot, no doubt, Lang Co has evolved from a laid-back fishing village to becoming the setting for the first-class Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort. The sun-kissed beach on the South Chinese Sea at its feet and the mystic Truong Son Mountains just behind its back, the Banyan Tree radiates refined luxury!


Welcome! Make yourself at home and settle in for a romantic spell on the quiet bay! Experience the sublime comforts of the Banyan Tree Lang Co!


Vietnam has a rich cultural heritage that read more » was passed down through several legendary dynasties. The resort has been designed with this tradition in mind. The traditional Hue houses feature open courtyards, typical sloping roofs and exposed ceiling beams.


Select sandstone Champa sculptures, Vietnamese calligraphy, embroidered silks and royal textiles adorn the elegant interior, creating a link to Vietnam’s proud history and traditions.


Then, of course, there is the Banyan Tree Lang Co’s superb cuisine. Embark upon a journey of exotic flavours and finest ingredients. Every meal is a culinary revelation! The great variety includes fresh fish and seafood, Italian cuisine, traditional Thai plates as well as French classics.


And, just in case you should become a little peckish in between, you may always ask for a delightful snack. Best of all, you may always request to have a tailored menu served in all style in the comfort of your private villa! « show less


The Banyan Tree Lang Co is characterised by an appealing contemporary design fused with traditional Vietnamese elements. The unison is an overwhelmingly charming ambience that promises a unique holiday read more » experience.


In total, the Banyan Tree Lang Co offers its distinguished guests 49 villas that each feature a private pool. Reside in fine style and marvel at the cultural heritage of the past but powerful Vietnamese dynasties.


The Lagoon Pool Villas nestle at the heart of the scenic landscape, framed by lush tropical vegetation and blossoming trees. The elegant units look out over the enchanted lagoon. Rest your eyes on the wonderful surroundings or cool off in your private pool with only the brilliant night sky providing illumination.


Small waves gently lick at the immaculately white sand beach, palm tree leafs rustling in the ocean breeze above. Let your thoughts fly! The setting is just perfect for a relaxing spell with not a single worry clouding your mind.


Soak up the sun on your terrace or stretch out on your Sala Pavilion’s soft mattress for a little unconcealed snooze. And then, you may always slip into the pool’s glittering water to cool off! « show less


The Banyan Tree Lang Co is the perfect, not so humble base camp to set off exploring! The beautiful mountains hide many magical spots. There are spectacular national parks and many cultural sites.


Those read more » with an appetite for action and sports may keep on their feet all day long. Those with a taste for arts, culture and history may start exploring with the declared UNESCO heritage sites.


The local historic sites reveal an age-old culture, the rise to power and successive downfall of exotic dynasties. Marvel at the ancient traditions and oriental architecture!


On a different day, explore the Truong Song Mountains on a guided trekking tour that affords you with breathtaking views out over the scenic coastline of the Bach Ma National Park, a protected sanctuary for countless plant and wildlife species.


Sublime relaxation is at the focus… but in between, how about an off-road jeep adventure or a thrilling mountain bike ride to nearby villages through the scenic rice plantations? Alternatively, join a yoga lesson to greet the rising sun and work out in the gym or with Aerobic exercises.


We have not even yet started to mention all of the ocean’s wonderful thrills: Clip the waves of the South Chinese Sea in an elegant catamaran or visit the Sea Sports Center and Marine Lab, which offers equipment and instruction for all sea-faring adventures.


Those that appreciate the gentlemen’s sport golf may send some balls flying at the Laguna Lang Co Golf Club. Set dramatically in between the rugged mountains and glittering ocean, the Laguna Lang Co Golf Club offers an eighteen holes, par 71 championship experience designed by Sir Nick Faldo. « show less