Banoka Bush Camp

Banoka Bush Camp


Has it always been your dream to discover the African wilderness, waking up with the distant roar of a lion? The Banoka Bush Camp hidden deep in the heart of Botswana's lush Okavango Delta is the perfect destination!


The quiet Banoka Camp offers ten comfortable ensuite luxury tent chalets. It is located in the private Khwai Concession in the Okavango Delta's north-east finger that borders with the famous Moremi Game Reserve.


The Khwai Concession and the Moremi Game Reserve are foremost in read more » northern Botswana where wildlife diversity and population density are concerned. Look forward to unforgettable encounters amidst an ecosystem teeming with life.


Among many others, some of the species most frequently spotted are elephants, lions, leopards, hyenas, hippopotamus as well as sable and roan antelopes. With just a little luck on your side, you may also spot the rare African wild dog as well as countless species of birds, some from the comfort of your terrace.


Incidentally, the camp's name goes back to the first settlers and ancestors of the Khoi people, the so-called Banokas. All of the buildings have been set on stilted platforms and lie protected behind a row of trees.


The facilities include a spacious lounge with a cosy seating area, a delightful restaurant with a bar and a pool with a sun-deck just perfect for admiring a sensational African sunset. The views from the camp are simply breathtaking.


Not far away, a small lagoon became the new home for a hippopotamus family. Intact nature is all around … and well respected, too. The Banoka Camp places great importance on sustainability and generates its electricity to 100% with solar panels.


The Banoka Bush Camp in the Okavango Delta, northern Botswana – a destination for nature enthusiasts and Africa adventurers!


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The Banoka Bush Camp and the Okavango Delta are the perfect destination for unbridled safari adventures in the heart of the African wilderness. The camp offers ten comfortable tent chalets that leave nothing read more » to be desired.


Each tent features a large bedroom with ventilators, an ensuite bathroom with large double washbasins and a shower as well as a spacious veranda just perfect for observing the wildlife.


The typical safari tents have a unique charm that is underpinned by the generous design and open architecture. Abundant wood and African decorations create an authentic flair.


Most guests' favourite spot, doubtlessly, is the large veranda equipped with comfortable furniture, softly lit at night. Settle down with a drink to admire an African sunset and sit together beneath the starry skies, exchanging stories about the day's wildlife encounters or making plans.


As mentioned before, the tents are built atop raised platform that do not only offer protection against occasional flooding but also keep you safe and sound. Snuggle up in bed and listen to the sounds of the wilderness outside before dropping off to dreams of the African bush.


Families and groups of friends travelling together will be delighted to learn that the Banoka Bush Camp offers tents that may be connected to form a combined unit.


The Banoka Bush Camp is located in a rather swampy setting, which boosts wildlife activity but also the mosquito population. We recommend you bring light and airy long-sleeved pants and shirts for your protection. All meals and drinks are included in the accommodation.



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Quite understandably, safaris are the Banoka Bush Camp's principle activity and several exciting options are offered on a daily basis. Twice a day, you may join a classic game drive into the spectacular read more » Moremi Game Reserve.


Alternatively, you may tie up your hiking boots to set off tracking wildlife with a professional guide at your side. The slower pace and soundlessness of a hiking safari shifts the perspective to minute details and allows you to get even closer to certain species.


The most magic moment of the day is invariably the evening, when the sun dips down low, disappearing behind the backs of an elephant family trudging through the high grass. Even those who have travelled Africa far and wide always cherish these precious minutes.


Another activity option is boarding one of the four metres long modern-day dug-out canoes, the so-called Mokoros. Glide down the swamps and waterways in all silence. Especially birds are abundant near the water. The tour is only operational when the water levels are high enough.


Next, a highlight that is quite exceptional: A night safari does not only introduce you to the nocturnal wildlife. You spend the night outdoors, sleeping beneath Africa's star-lit night sky, protected by a mosquito net.


Sung to sleep by the cicadas, luxurious canopy beds are your comfortable resting place for the night. Two experienced guides ensure your safety and tell exciting stories over dinner at the camp fire.


The Banoka Bush Camp and the Okavango Delta are the perfect combination for a holiday that will stick in your memory and have a place in your heart for ever. Welcome to Africa!


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