Bamurru Plains Lodge


The Bamurru Plains Lodge redefines the concept of Wild Bush Luxury: Luxury is not understood as superfluous opulence but rather as the privilege of being accommodated in a very special location amidst pristine nature, albeit in all comfort.


The Bamurru Plains Lodge is dedicated to maintaining the natural balance, taking care of nature and inspiring the guests to appreciate its unequalled beauty.


Bamurru is located west of the Kakadu National Park, in the Mary River area. The region is known read more » for its greatly varied landscapes and many different habitats housing remarkable wildlife diversity.


In the Mary River region, flood lands and swamps, savannah plains and river deltas all contribute to forming one of Australia’s most important ecosystems.


As diverse as the landscape, so are the activities: Explore the pristine wilderness on land or on the water. Spot wildlife from an open jeep, an airboat or on a long, hot hike. The options are plentiful.


However, despite the rough country setting, the Bamurru Plains Lodge also features amenities that make your stay a pleasurably relaxing. A beautiful swimming pool, small shop and a library are available.


Retreat to the absolute privacy of your bungalow whenever you need a quiet moment or visit the comfortable lounge for a drink and a chat with the other guests about your day’s adventures.


The meals are either prepared on the open barbecue or you are treated to contemporary Australian cuisine enhanced with local specialities. No distinctions are made in the wilderness: Everyone comes together at a large table to enjoy the delicacies served. « show less


The Bamurru Plains Lodge is a modern and comfortable lodge with a spectacular setting in the heart of nature. Classic definitions of luxury have to be cast aside, here the special luxury lies in the pristine read more » surroundings.


Consequently, a pristine nature experience is at the focus of not only the activities but also the architecture. The Bamurru Plains Lodge’s bungalows have been superbly integrated into the environment.


The nine safari bungalows are generously spacious and highly private. The interior is dominated by quality materials and comfortable facilities. The beds are exceedingly cosy with crisp linen and soft pillows.


The design is at once rustic and dominated by a friendly and welcoming ambience. However, the most intriguing feature remains nature’s colourful, fragrant and many-voiced backdrop.


The safari bungalows are set on the edge of extensive wetlands and arranged in such a fashion that every guests enjoys an unobstructed view of the surroundings.


You unit’s balcony, apart from the magnificent view, is an oasis of peace and quiet. Well protected from any onlookers, settle down and unwind, savouring the tropical breeze.


The bungalows offer either a double bed or two single beds. On your request, a third bed can be arranged. Moreover, three of the nine units can be fitted with air-conditioning on short notice. Of course, every unit features a private shower bathroom.


It is a conscious decision that technical facilities are kept to a bare minimum. An exception is made only for solar panels to generate electricity. No TV, no radio, no computer: nature’s splendour is the entertainment! « show less


At the centre of the facilities, the Bamurru Plains Lodge’ main building is the meeting spot for any of the lodge’s diverse activities.


No matter which of the excursion you choose, tours generally read more » start early in the morning or late in the arvo. It is the best time to admire the diverse wildlife from up close. Experienced guides take you on fascinating safaris into the surrounding wilderness.


For example, glide down the Sampan River famous for its prolific birdlife and large crocodile population. Alternatively, hop atop an open jeep and navigate the rough terrain in all comfort.


The options are endless – but nature is always at the focus. Skid across the swamps in an airboat or hike the lush forests – camera always at the ready!


For a little charge, the Bamurru Plains Lodge also offers fishing excursion or even scenic helicopter rides to admire nature’s glory from high above. Those that stay for a few nights at the Bamurru Plains Lodge, may furthermore go on a day trip to the spectacular Kakadu National Park.


Returning to the camp dusty and sweaty but happy, take a refreshing splash in the pool or rest on your private terrace. If you feel like sharing your day’s adventures with the other guests, just stroll over to the main building.


The barbecue fireplace is just perfect for a chat around the campfire. Moreover, everyone comes together at the long table at mealtimes, to enjoy the Bamurru’s delectable specialities.


The general recipe for the delicacies served is simple: Refined, contemporary Australian cuisine is enhanced with a dash of local ingredients and flavours. Needless to say, that a glass of superb Australian wine wonderfully accompanies the delicious treats. « show less