Atlantis The Palm


It is a well known fact that the United Arab Emirates constantly push past the established standards, creating innovative new entertainment and accommodation sensations. Higher, larger and more luxurious with only the sky as a limit characterise the Emirates' entrepreneurial spirit.


The Atlantis The Palm certainly falls within this category: The Palm is the celebrated flagship of the Jumeirah hotel chain, opened as recently as September 2008. Set on one of the world's largest artificial islands, read more » the Atlantis welcomes discerning and well-to-do guests from all over the world.


The Palm leaves nothing to be desired where refined luxury, extravagant comforts and extraordinary entertainment are concerned. Step into the oriental atrium and into a scene that might well have been inspired by the One Thousand and One Nights tale.


No less than sixteen different restaurants and bars put their culinary art at your service. The macabre aspect aside, delight over superb seafood at the underwater aquarium restaurant Ossiano, surrounded by colourful fish all around.


The Levantine is a feast not only for the palate but all the senses. Colours, flavour and fragrance all mix into a powerful cocktail enhanced by live entertainment that accompanies the traditional Arabian delicacies.


The Nasimi is the casual restaurant – perfect for a light meal in between two sessions of sweet idleness by the pool. The Seafire welcomes you from afar with tantalising wafts of meat sizzling on the grill. And the Kaleidoscope is the perfect choice for families – both exquisite specialities and children's favourites are on the menu.


The Atlantis The Palm is a hotel measured in superlatives only. It offers everything and more for a sensational holiday in Dubai. Talk to our experienced team of travel consultants. We are looking forward to your call!


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Wrap the fine linen around you and snuggle up in a large, soft and cosy bed. The Atlantis The Palm offers its guests a choice of 1,373 spacious rooms and 166 elegant suites. The refined ambience is decorated read more » in a charming combination of Arabian with oceanic elements.


All of the units boast a magnificent view out over the Persian Gulf or the famous The Palm island. However, a Dubai hotel almost invariably offers more than “just” views, refined comforts and culinary delights.


Those who choose one of the extravagant Lost Chamber Suites are accommodated just below the ocean's glittering surface. Floor to ceiling glass panels are a window into the going-ons of life at the bottom of the sea. Spectacular!


The Imperial Club is the first choice for immaculate service and personalised care. And the finest, far-reaching views are available at the Bridge Suite that connects the two Royal Towers.


Nothing has been left to chance, everything is optimised for your ultimate comfort. Most accommodation units are located in one of the two Royal Towers – and there is quite a number of different categories to choose from.


However, no matter whether your prefer a Deluxe Guest Room, Atlantis Guest Room, Executive Suite, Terrace Suite, Regal Suite, Royal Suite or the Presidential Suite – expect the extraordinary! Nothing is impossible in Dubai!


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The Atlantis The Palm is top of the line all the way: The exceptional cuisine takes your palate to wonderland and the entertainment programme lets your dreams fly high!


Too quick for the sharks – read more » the Leap of Faith is one of the highlights at The Palm's water-slide park “Aquaventure”. It takes you right through a shark-infested pool … behind thick glass walls, of course, that usually withstand even the sharpest teeth.


Vast and sensational aquariums are a general theme at the Atlantis The Palm Hotel. You can spend days at the Atlantis and yet keep on discovering new marine lifeforms you have not spotted before. The name Atlantis has been chosen for a reason.


Stroll down the tunnels that wind through the large basins teeming with life. Not only the small guests are delighted by the many colourful fish and creepy underwater crawlers.


The little guests are taken perfect care off at the Kids Club. Additionally, a baby sitting service is available on request – all the time for mummy and daddy to enjoy a moment with their small charges professionally entertained and cared for.


The options are endless at the Atlantis. The list is too long to put into writing. How about a splash with dolphins? Many dream of swimming with the friendly creatures and here is the chance.


Of course, you may also settle down on the beautiful, sun-kissed beach for a moment or two of sweet idleness and happy daydreaming. Or allow caring hands to spoil you with professional massages and spa treatments.


And last but not least, there is the celebrated Dubai shopping. Some of the most successful designers have an outlet directly on the hotel property. Other shopping options are just a short ride away. Welcome to wonderland!


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