Arkaba Walk


Explore the red heart of South Australia, the legendary Outback, on the famous Arkaba Walk. The Arkaba Walk is an intense nature experience, however, without sacrificing a certain minimum of luxury.


Civilisation and the hustle and bustle of modern day life stay behind as you penetrate deeper into the pristine Australian landscape alive with fascinating flora and fauna.


The Arkaba Walk is a four day hike through the Flinders Ranges, the large mountain range that extends for almost 500 kilometres read more » through the north of South Australia.


Of course, an experienced guide accompanies you through the wilderness. As a little concession to modern commodity: you entire luggage will be transported by an escort vehicle.


At night, you will enjoy the classic Australian bush accommodation: the legendary Swag – a contraption that combines a sleeping back with a mattress.


Roll out your swag beneath the clear night sky and admire the undimmed beauty of the Australian night sky.


For your convenience the camps are equipped with excellent showers and toilets. Having spent an entire day on your feet, put them up at night for a yarn around the campfire.


It is a well known fact that fresh air raises the appetite. You culinary wellbeing is taken perfect care of: At night, a three course menu with fresh vegetables, meat and wine puts strength back into tired legs. The Arkaba Walk is a round trip that starts and finishes at the Arkaba Station.


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The Arkaba Walk takes you past a number of camps, where you will be spending the night. After having braved the adventures of the first day hike, you arrive at the Black Gaps Camp.


Located next to a read more » small stream, the site was already in use as a camp by shepherds in the late 1850s. Roll out your Swag, a combination of a sleeping bag and a mattress, and settle down to a delicious bush-cooked three course dinner.


For your comfort, the Black Gaps Camp has been equipped with toilets and showers. Have a refreshing bush wash with a view of the pristine Australian landscape.


A hearty breakfast provides the basis for the next day’s hike to the Elder Camp. Again, you will be spending the night tugged into your swag.


Another memorable day of hiking and you will be arriving at the Mern Merna Camp – your last station of camping out in the Australian bush.


The fourth and last day of hiking takes you back to your starting point, the Arkaba Station. Despite the lavish facilities in comparison to the camps, the Arkaba Station is a sheep-shearing outpost that accommodates a maximum of six guests.


However, after three nights in the bush, you will celebrate a reencounter with modern day gadgets like a TV, DVD player, CD player as well as a small kitchenette and a luxury bathroom complete with a shower and separate bathtub.


Additionally, you have a washing machine and dryer, gas cooker and microwave at your disposal. The Arkaba Station is air-conditioned and also offers heaters and electric blankets for cold nights.


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The Arkaba Walk is a fascinating introduction to South Australia’s pristine ecosystem. You local guide provides a wealth of information on the many species of plants and wildlife you encounter along read more » the way.


There is plenty of time for wildlife observation and photography. Almost certainly, you will spot kangaroos and emus in their natural habitat.


Quite naturally, the history of the indigenous population, the Aborigines, and environmental issues are very relevant to the region. The long hours of hiking provide plenty of opportunity to learn more!


The day hikes vary between six and fifteen kilometres in length. It is not a requirement to have hiking experience. A good physical condition is all you need to set off on the Arkaba Walk.


As day fades to night, gather around the campfire for glass of wine and to spin some Australian yarn. The Arkaba Walk is a magnificent opportunity to experience the ruggedly beautiful Australian nature in all its detail.


Feel the first rays of the sun promising warmth after a cool night and listen to the first birds pip up a tune. You will become intimate with the surrounding nature.


At the same time, your body will appreciate the gentle and healthy exercise. The hikes take you through hills and valleys, bushland and rocky terrain. The changing countryside continuously provides new wonders!


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