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Luxury travel South America -
Travel between deserts and glaciers

Somewhere between fantastic colonial heritage, snow covered majestic mountains and glaciers, endless wide open spaces of the golden steppe, lively city life and lush green rainforest, the true character of South America may be found. You can expect such a colorful and vibrant diversity that one life is barely enough to see and to discover everything.

In Brazil, the sun-drenched land in Samba rhythm the dream cities Rio de Janeiro and Salvador lure with its world-famous Carnival. Infinitely long Atlantic beaches with gently swaying coconut trees are among the finest in the world.

Border and at the same time connection to neighboring Argentina are the world famous Iguassu Falls which are often mentioned in same breath with the Niagara Falls in North America and the Victoria Falls in Africa. Buenos Aires, the vibrant metropolis of the country on Rio de la Plata will whisk you off with its apparently European charm to the fiery world of Evita Perron and the Tango.

World-known wines come from Mendoza. Further south the unique scenic regions Valdes and Calafate know to impress. Finally follows Ushuaia with the famous Tren del Fin del Mundo. Is it really the end of the world - or perhaps even the beginning? Next door is Chile, situated, infinitely long and narrow, at the Pacific Ocean likewise with unique natural landscapes, such as Southern Patagonia or the Atacama Desert. Mystery gem in the Pacific is the legendary Easter Island Rapa Nui. Fabled Inca towns and picturesque natural landscapes are to be experienced in Peru. You will never forget a sunrise over Machu Picchu! Cusco and Lake Titicaca at almost 4000 meters above sea level are other highlights. Although there are more than 1,000 kilometers distance from the South American mainland, the Galapagos Islands belong to the highlights of Ecuador and a cruise through the bizarre island world opens up unique prospects on flora and fauna.

Our specialists for South America know the various countries personally. In a personal and qualified counselling interview, we find out about your individual wishes and expectations, and provide advice for your trip of a lifetime. Further you’ll get your individual proposal for your circular trip as an impressive VIRTOSOL- multimedia presentation. Probably you have the wish to do some amendments of your trip, we will do it for you because we want you to have your trip of your lifetime.

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